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  1. BaRBeR

    NOTAMS System

    Hi All, This is just a query of mine, and wondering if people would want it. I have been thinking of creating a desktop NOTAMS system, where staff can send NOTAMS out to fellow pilot's of their virtual airline, and then the NOTAMS will be displayed in a windows application. I just wondered as to whom would be interested in this, if anyone. To send a NOTAM out to the software, there would be the functionality within the phpvms admin panel to do so (with an additional module) which would come as part of the software. Anyway, let me know if you like the idea or not. Cheers, Jord.
  2. BaRBeR

    Website help

    Hi, In your css file, the body tags put top:0; that should work. And make sure you remove padding too so padding-top:0; and margin-top:0;
  3. BaRBeR

    EVENTBooking BETA 1.3

    servetas' post also applies to you @ShaunEllis1 here you go - here
  4. BaRBeR

    Black Forum Signatures

    Have you tried to reset the signatures via the admin panel?
  5. BaRBeR

    [kACARS_Free] Fatal Error

    what page give you an error?
  6. BaRBeR

    [kACARS_Free] Fatal Error

    also check the module version matches the version of kacars you have
  7. BaRBeR

    web designer

    Best of luck!
  8. BaRBeR

    some help me please

    cant access your website...
  9. BaRBeR

    Fatal Error phpvms

    delete the local.config.php from the /core folder. A simple search of the forum would have come up with this.
  10. BaRBeR

    kACARS_Free Connection Error

    Are you running kacars as an administrator?
  11. BaRBeR

    [SOLVED] Email DON'T want to send

    Everyone suggests that because it is a possible reason why you cant see the emails.
  12. BaRBeR

    PHP 5.5

    Do you get any errors when your skin is selected? And also, I am going to guess and say your skin's files are .tpl files, if so, you will need to change the file extension of your layout.tpl and frontpage_main.tpl to .php
  13. BaRBeR

    Screenshot module

    This might do it: <a href="'.SITE_URL.'/index.php/Screenshots/large_screenshot?id='.$screenshot->id.'">]<?php Screenshots::show_newest_screenshot(); ?> </a>
  14. BaRBeR

    Screenshot module

    The file screenshots_new.tpl doesnt exist
  15. BaRBeR

    PHP 5.5

    phpvms for php5.5x straight from simpilot https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x