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  1. don't work for me, once installed my website just goes blank and nothing but once deleted again then website works... anyone knows how to fix?
  2. and now when thats sorted out... i can't submit a pirep when i do it on smartcars it wont show up on website and if i do it manually on the site i get this There was an error adding your PIREP : Schedule does not exist. Please update this manually. and it does 100% exist
  3. Hello when i try to import schedules i get this error on most of them... BAW0039 was not added, reason: Data too long for column 'daysofweek' at row 1 anyone know how to fix?
  4. Same here shows On leave, and does phpvms 5 auto deleted pilots after a certain time?
  5. just a question, is it only me or is the /profile/view not working or is it under development?
  6. When i install it and then choose it in general settings i get this https://gyazo.com/23d094c75141378c287e1aa410cafd4c
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