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  1. Hey Folks , I would like to introduce you to LiteJet Virtual. We now simulate Jet Airways Jet Konnect Etihad Airways Druk Airlines (Royal Bhutan Airlines) Nepal Airlines SriLankan Airlines Biman Bangladesh We might not have a payware ACARs , But we definitely have an amazing CrewCenter by Mark Swan! Features : - Internal Webmail (By David Clark) - Live Map - METAR (By Parkho) - Worldwide Charts (By Parkho) - Weather Map by WindyTV - Indian Scenery's Database with direct download Many More features Under Development Join us Today! http://litejetva.in/
  2. @Keith .If you find a solution , please let us know.
  3. [13-Dec-2016 04:24:01 Etc/GMT] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent in /home/litejoro/public_html/crew/core/codon.config.php on line 40 [13-Dec-2016 04:24:01 Etc/GMT] PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent in /home/litejoro/public_html/crew/core/codon.config.php on line 40 [13-Dec-2016 04:24:01 Etc/GMT] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/litejoro/public_html/crew/admin/backup.php on line 26 [13-Dec-2016 04:24:01 Etc/GMT] PHP Notice: Undefined index: DOCUMENT_ROOT in /home/litejoro/public_html/crew/admin/backup.php on line 35 I have these errors too but a backup File is getting created. Is the script supposed to email you with the SQL database attached to the email? This is what I get in email : <br /> <b>Warning</b>: Creating default object from empty value in <b>/home/litejoro/public_html/crew/admin/backup.php</b> on line <b>26</b><br /> <br /> <b>Notice</b>: Undefined index: DOCUMENT_ROOT in <b>/home/litejoro/public_html/crew/admin/backup.php</b> on line <b>35</b><br /> Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. Backup Completed
  4. Even I am looking for such a script. Right now I am doing in manually every night
  5. I edited a line of code to make the pilot's avatar appear instead of the single pilot pic. Now the problem is , on the main profile page , the avatar appears correctly. But when I switch to any other page , it displays default avatar... This is the code : <div class="navbar-custom-menu"> <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <!-- User Account: style can be found in dropdown.less --> <li class="dropdown user user-menu"> <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown"> <span class="hidden-xs"><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->firstname.' '.Auth::$userinfo->lastname; ?></span> </a> <ul class="dropdown-menu"> <!-- User image --> <li class="user-header"> <img src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotcode); ?>" /> <p> <?php echo Auth::$userinfo->firstname.' '.Auth::$userinfo->lastname; ?> <small><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->rank; ?></small> </p> </li> <!-- Menu Footer--> <li class="user-footer"> <div class="pull-left"> <a href="<?php echo url('/profile/editprofile'); ?>" class="btn btn-primary btn-block btn-flat">My Profile</a> </div> <div class="pull-right"> <a href="<?php echo url('/logout'); ?>" class="btn btn-danger btn-block btn-flat">Log Out</a> </div> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </div> </nav> </header> <!-- Left side column. contains the logo and sidebar --> <aside class="main-sidebar"> <!-- sidebar: style can be found in sidebar.less --> <section class="sidebar"> <!-- Sidebar user panel --> <div class="user-panel"> <div class="pull-left image"> <img src="<?php echo PilotData::getPilotAvatar($pilotcode); ?>" /> </div> <div class="pull-left info"> <p><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->firstname.' '.Auth::$userinfo->lastname; ?></p> <a><i class="fa fa-circle text-success"></i><?php echo Auth::$userinfo->rank; ?></a> </div> </div> <!-- sidebar menu: : style can be found in sidebar.less --> <ul class="sidebar-menu"> Any Solutions ?
  6. Mine works perfectly. I just followed the steps and it worked. You need to add route in your ACARS before you start logging your flight. For me , it plots the filed route , not the flown route.
  7. First empty all the contents in phpvms_airports table. Then Import all the airports.
  8. Working just awesome. Its a great addition to my "Resources" Section of my VA. Thank you parkho!
  9. Explore the entire phpVMS by installing it on a local server or a free server , also check its documentation.
  10. all these folders are inside the root folder in which you have installed phpVMS.
  11. Similar thing for IVAO : http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txt
  12. Just go here and open any of the URLs , it will return you a text file with all the online data. https://status.vatsim.net/
  13. You can log in with your VATSIM ID and Password (if you have) to access the forums. I am posting the links below. Results are in XML format 1. https://cert.vatsim.....php?cid=xxxxxx (VATSIM ID in place of xxxxxx) Result : <root> <user cid="1217255"> <name_last>Galgali</name_last> <name_first>Shrikar</name_first> <email>[hidden]@gmail.com</email> <rating>Controller</rating> <regdate>2012-01-28 10:10:23</regdate> <pilotrating>P1</pilotrating> <country>IN</country> <region>Africa/Middle East</region> <division>Middle East (VATME)</division> <atctime>638.487</atctime> <pilottime>691.151</pilottime> </user> </root> 2. https://cert.vatsim.net/cert/vatsimnet/idstatusrat.php?cid=xxxxxx (VATSIM ID in place of xxxxxx) Shows timings for all ratings, updated once a week (IF the user connected during the previous week). Result : <root> <user cid="1217255"> <atctime>638.487</atctime> <pilottime>691.151</pilottime> <S1>73.2764</S1> <S2>46.9574</S2> <S3>337.304</S3> <C1>179.049</C1> <C2>0</C2> <C3>0</C3> <I1>0</I1> <I2>0</I2> <I3>0</I3> <SUP>0</SUP> <ADM>0</ADM> </user> </root>
  14. Will this help ? : https://github.com/Ysurac/FlightAirMap/wiki
  15. Maybe this can help : 1. https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=63014 2. https://api.ivao.aero/
  16. First of all I'd like to say , these are just my opinions based on my observations. If you are well settled in old original phpvms version , then I'd say stay there. There aren't many changes and its not worth migrating to the new version just for having those changes. Just uploading the modified files will not work ( I think ) because simpilot v5.5 uses mySQLi instead of mySQL. You'd have to do a LOT of changes in modules , especially changing all public functions to public static functions , changing all tpl references to php references , etc etc. Its not that I am facing lots of problems with simpilot phpvms v5.5. Its just that I dont find much difference in v5.3 and v5.5 . My vote would be to stay with your current setup. Otherwise you'll have an unnecessary headache.
  17. Works just awesome. Thank you very much for this module. Hoping for a similar module for IVAO too
  18. Copy and Paste this in your local.config.php # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', xxx); Config::Set('ACARS_DEBUG', false); Replace xxx by the no of minutes you want the flight to be displayed after landing. Around 10 minutes is a good.
  19. everything under <script> </script> I am not a php expert but this is what i have been reading everywhere. I suggest you take backup first.
  20. you must be having some jQuery code interfering somwhere. Make sure you put all of them in layout.php
  21. It works for me . Make sure you rename all tpl to php and edit the PIREPData.Class.php file as mentioned in the readme. Here is mine version of the PIREPData.Class.php (Do not copy paste it unless you know what's what - - use it for reference only. BEFORE EDITING ANYTHING TAKE BACKUP)
  22. ShrikarG

    vStaff - v1.0

    Yes. Working perfectly in mine.
  23. Try this : https://github.com/Strider2/codeshare
  24. Hello , As all of us must be knowing , the default briefing doesn't retrieve charts out of USA ARTCCs. I have found a website called "AirCharts.org" with an open free API that lists all charts according to ICAO worldwide. Unfortunately , I don't have much PHP knowledge. If someone could code this , it would be a great help to all virtual airlines all over the world. API AirCharts' new, open API is now available for public use. Use of the API is in accordance with the API Agreement. Usage: Airport Information and Charts: http://api.aircharts.org/Airport/(ICAO).(format) List of Airports and Charts: http://api.aircharts.org/Airport/(ICAO),(ICAO),(ICAO).(format) [up to 15] Available formats: JSON (default), XML. Examples: http://api.aircharts.org/Airport/KNPA.json http://api.aircharts.org/Airport/KPNS,KNPA,KNDZ,KNSE,KJKA.json http://api.aircharts.org/Airport/KNPA,KPNS,KNDZ,KNSE,KJKA.xml
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