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Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

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Hello finaly i finished it and sharing witht he comunity Are tired of accepting or even rejecting pireps ? Then do not worry Auto Accept/Reject Pirep is here to help you It has a admin inter

Could be as in yours it is in total different line try with this one PIREPData.class.php This file is ONLY for Txmmy83 or members that are using the beta build for the rest it wont work or it m

Thanks can you please try with this one if it is ok ? PirepAcData.class.php

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I get an fata error when i've done everything.

Fatal error: Class 'PirepAcData' not found in /home/phoenix/domains/phoenixair-va.nl/public_html/phpvms/admin/modules/PirepAutoAccept/PirepAutoAccept.php on line 52

What can i do about it.



Onno Nieuwenburg

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Is there any plans to get this working with 5.5+? I loved this module, but can't get it working in 5.5+. I saw in another post on a different module 5.5+ has some different coding involved that makes alot of the modules useless that was going away in v6. Should I wait for 6 to come out or try and get it working with 5.5+?

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Hi I have a problem while installing the on hostinger sql ,

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS phpvms_autopirep;# MySQL a retourné un résultat vide (aucune ligne).
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS phpvms_autopirep (
criteria_description text NOT NULL,
created_by int(5) NOT NULL,
enabled smallint(6) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
criteria_variable text NOT NULL,
criteria_custom_message text NOT NULL,
) ENGINE=MyISAM ;# MySQL a retourné un résultat vide (aucune ligne).

INSERT INTO phpvms_autopirep (id, criteria_description, created_by, enabled, criteria_variable, criteria_custom_message) VALUES
(11, 'Simrate 8x Speed', 0, 0, 'Simrate set to 8x Speed', 'Exeedet max sim rate'),
(37, 'Overspeed', 0, 0, 'Overspeed ', 'Overspeed '),
(35, 'Paused', 0, 1, 'Paused', 'Paused');# 3 lignes affectées.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS phpvms_autopirep_settings;# MySQL a retourné un résultat vide (aucune ligne).
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS phpvms_autopirep_settings (
setting_id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_I[...]

THAT MEANS Nothing on the sql file

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