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  1. I would try re-uploading the associated template and js files.
  2. Hi All, I am happy to be accepting new web development/project management projects for the beginning of the summer season. I am able to provide a low price, and cater to your budget. Currently, I am operating as a Freelancer with a backburner brand with no overhead operating costs - which is beneficial to clients. A little bit about me: In the past I owned and operated StartMyVA.net (which sold when I got busy with school, and transformed into several other services breaking up the project, including being the first to introduce schedule pulls from flightaware), worked with several VA execu
  3. [Retracted] Thanks for all the interest!
  4. We would be more than interested in working with you. We can cater to any budget! Check us out here.
  5. True, but its use full for the big airlines. And, if the codeshare is operated with the airlines ICAO (UAL for example) (or on FlightAware as UAL) it is included in the export. Often times they are. There is also a 15% discount on all products & services if your partnered with startmyva.net!
  6. Guys; there is! You pay; tell it the airline you want, and it gives it to you. Then and there. This is a very new system, but it seems to be working good. It comes out in phpVMS format any everything! https://go.startmyva.net/schedules.php
  7. Your sure its not just going to users spam/junk folder? Sometimes this can happen when sending emails from the phpVMS platform.
  8. Hi Tom, Its geared towards somebody who wants a free solution and who is rather new to the field. Yes, it may be a disadvantage for some with adequate knowledge in the field like yourself but for the beginers it can be rather useful before they move up into paid cPanel hosting with the same functions. We do not support adding custom domains however FTP access is granted through our support system. Which is explained in an email sent to the client.
  9. Hi Tom, True. Lots of hosts do it in addition to there hosting services such as FiveDev (As you said), TFDi, and so on. However the way we perform the service is what is being described as new; it is both free and instantaneous..no control panel or anything, just a few forms.
  10. Hi Myles, The deploy system setups up a phpVMS site with the subdomain of your choice on the smva.co subdomain. The way it works is you enter the desired domain information; it then creates the subdomain and extracts phpVMS to it. Once that is completed it redirects you to the phpVMS installation where premade database credentials are already entered, you then click submit and then enter your Virtual Airline Information. The phpVMS site is then setup. If your interested in remaining completely free I would recommend then getting kACARS Free setup and working. Were still working on an in dep
  11. Hello, I am more than happy to announce that we have launched two new major services. We have launched a DIY Flightaware Schedule data puller, and a DIY phpVMS deployment system. Both services are new to the community and not offered by any other groups. Below you can read about each service individually. DIY Flightaware Schedule data puller – This service has been in planning for a while and truly revolutionizes the way the community can retrieve schedules. Previously this service was offered through a manual solution and often was delayed and data could be rather old. Now you purchase as
  12. Hello, My name is Ryan, lead developer at startmyva.net. Long story short, were looking for developers, so I will put a list of benefits below, and if your interested please send a letter of intent to ryan@startmyva.net! We would be happy to have you on our team! Being a developer at startmyva.net offers you endless benefits, such as: -Use of an extensive billing/project management system. (WHMCS) -85% of all project profit which you generate. -Access to a pre-built and growing client base. -The oppurtunity to explore and create custom Virtual Airline solutions. -The oppurtunity to work
  13. Try to change the maps div width from pixels to a percentage. It worked for me... Let us know how it turns out!
  14. Hi Sir, It appears that it could be the server providers configuration. You might want to check with them. Thanks.
  15. "Overtime" - X Number of hours in one month "Long Haul Fanatic" - X number of flights in excess of Y hours "Smooth Sailor" - X number of L/R under Y And im out of ideas.....
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