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  1. Positions Available

    I just realized I didn't change the default board on the post lol thanks
  2. For the positions below if interested please send myself a private message here on the forums and i will give further details as well as information to get on board with us. Aircraft Repainter : Looking for someone that is dedicated as well as skilled with aircraft repainting. This member will be on our administration team for aircraft repaints and is available until further notice once filled i will be sure to mark it filled here on the forums. Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager will be responsible for our instagram page as well as facebook for posting new content to keep us updated within the social community Best Regards, Vbegin7
  3. Mass-Mailer Error

    It gives me setting for non ssl and ssl I have used both ssl doesn't work where as non ssl does
  4. Mass-Mailer Error

    Yes to all of these I have tried getting this to work for the past 3 years and have bound to do it
  5. Mass-Mailer Error

    When i send mass emails im using port 465 = secure sll and i check my inbox and i never receive anything but if i use port 26 = unsecure i receive it in my spam immediately i would love to know the fix to this that way all emails sent will go to inbox not spam box
  6. Promotional Videos

  7. Promotional Videos

    Looking for someone who can make promo videos at an affordable price
  8. Send me a pm with what you are looking for
  9. Map Markers

    <?php foreach $OperationsData::getAllHubs() { var myLatLng = {lat: $hub->deplat, lng: $hub->deplng }; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), { zoom: 4, center: myLatLng }); var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: myLatLng, map: map, title: 'Airport ID' }); }?> Does this look right ?
  10. Map Markers

  11. Map Markers

  12. Map Markers

    Anyone know how to place the hub markers in your airline on the acars map ?
  13. Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    @Vangelis since i switched to 5.5 the pireps are not being accepted automatically and when they are to be rejected its not setting them as rejected but it does put a comment on them why it was rejected even though it didnt reject it or accept it they will still be apporval pending. Any Help ?
  14. Screenshot Pagination Problem

    what screenshot module are you now using ?
  15. iCrew v4 | Most advanced Pilot CrewCenter

    Then really the only way you can make anything off of this would be for them to buy the theme off themeforest first then you would supply the service after verification of supplying the purchasers with the updates to the theme or it would be considered against a copyright for distribution of someone elses product or work which the buyer would have to pay for the theme and then the update you have which may end up being around $60 i definitely wouldn't distribute or do this myself its taking a risk and im sure they wouldnt want this kind of selling or distribution of already payware products being passed around here at phpvms forums this is my opinion but its not like it matters i guess you are gonna do what you feel is right anyway so run with it.