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  1. vbegin7

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    New added feature to add teamspeak and discord to site for easy connection linking
  2. vbegin7

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    You can as well add multiple airlines to your one account
  3. VAScroll is a Virtual Airlines Ads Management tool for Virtual Airlines looking to advertise their websites to gain traffic as well as users. Not only is it for administrators were here for the pilots as well, we make ourself useful as a blog as well showing members the greatest deals on new packages for FSX, Prepar3D, & X-Plane. Our site includes use of posting your Virtual Airline in our Ads Listings and having members vote to gain higher rankings. Our free features include Youtube Video Posting, Social Links, Desciption of airline, a catchy phrase, votes, hits, user analytics, shareable links, comments, blogs, & more join with your free account today ! Website : www.vascroll.com/
  4. vbegin7

    Acars Map

    Is there a way to show multiple airlines on a acars map kinda like what vacentral used to show ? with the flight details under it ?
  5. vbegin7

    Code Snippet

    Thanks, shakamonkey88 works great !
  6. vbegin7

    Same Email Registration

    Im getting multiple users re re-registering with the same email is there a way to stop this to where it will say user with that email already exist or something to stop this from happening ? I figured id ask before i have to re-create the wheel Thanks in advance
  7. vbegin7

    Code Snippet

    not working anymore when switched to 5.5
  8. vbegin7

    Hide Unless High enough hours

    I'll try it thanks
  9. what will be the php code to hide something if a pilot doesnt have enough hours say you dont want something seen by any member or pilot unless they have a minimum of 30 hours ? I have seen this before somewhere but dont remember
  10. vbegin7

    Chat System

    I went with a simple chat system simpilot gave links to and installed it on the server setup MySQL database with it and styled it in about 20 mins looks great and is now responsive to wok on any device thanks David !
  11. vbegin7

    [Free] ElaSkin 2018 - Designed for phpVMS

    me and @shakamonkey88 already figured that out sorry, Thanks
  12. vbegin7

    [Free] ElaSkin 2018 - Designed for phpVMS

    I am the owner of php-skins.com and taking someones work and turning into freeware is illegal
  13. vbegin7

    Addon Module Help

    It can be done but when you edit this out then the your legs will not automatically update that the pilot has flown the tour because it is recognizing the flight from the pilots flight to the tours so if you want to create tours without this feature just add a page from phpVMS admin panel structured in a table with the flights or else it will mess up the function of the tours module
  14. vbegin7

    VAModules | Advanced Modules

    do you have permission from windy.tv to use their map in a payware module ? im sure they didnt give you the permission to make money off a product they are giving for free
  15. vbegin7


    Is it possible to send emails from phpvms mass mail through a gmail server or with my gmail account ?