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  1. Virtual Airlines Manager features are currently being added
  2. New features coming today !
  3. Come Check us out and create your own free account for your website today ! https://vascroll.com
  4. Our site registration form now allows for voting only accounts and has the feature of buy highlighted slots under voters account so now your pilots could gift you a month of a premium account !
  5. Below is our form when you submit a site to our list this can be found if you login to vascroll.com or register then click submit my site
  6. we have moved our price down for premium accounts to $2.40 per month per server listed as a grand opening price and will remain there until september 1st then return to $5 please know you may still get all features with free account premium accounts are just listed before free accounts but will receive all fields either way.
  7. We are trying to give you the most possible to you and your airline through our site to pull the users that may be potential to you having all these features placed on our site is not to make you use all of them. But to make your experience better and grow your airline remember to dm me or email me if you have any ideas. More of course coming soon
  8. Features have been added for fsopen all that is needed is your fsopen host id to be placed in your server settings in our site.
  9. Will be adding features of fsopen.co.uk soon
  10. Added new feature to pull newest pilots and newest pireps to site as shown below, create your free account today and receive all these awesome features
  11. vbegin7

    Changing skin without accessing admin panel

    goto your website address and after domain type /action.php/login for example www.mywebsite.com/action.php/login then type /admin after logged in
  12. Twitch Features have been added, as well as teamspeak status features all free for users looking to post advertisement for their virtual airline below is an image of an example page
  13. Will be adding twitch features next
  14. New added feature to add teamspeak and discord to site for easy connection linking
  15. You can as well add multiple airlines to your one account