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  1. Virtual airlines site request

    Heres my site php-skins.com Im creating anew template now that will include a landing page when logged out and will have a crewcenter once you login it gonna be sweet ! ill do custom work as well
  2. Template Size

    If what you are saying is that when you view the website on a tablet its not responsive to fit the screen of a tablet or mobile device it is because the default template is not a bootstrap based responsive theme. The only way it will fit the screen of both tablet and desktop is if its a responsive theme you may retrieve a few of these type themes from my website php-skins.com
  3. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    ***New Update*** v1.0.4 Now Released Added Ckeditor to New & Reply Messages
  4. Broken "Add to Bid" Option

    Please go to your skin folder and copy the Schedule_details,Schedule_list, & Schedule_results files and zip them in a folder and send me a link ill have a look fix them and send them back to ya.
  5. [SOLVED] Google Maps on phpVMS not working

    Use the code below and replace your api key that you get from https://developers.google.com/maps/ with "YOUR API KEY HERE" in the below script and place the script before the ending </head> tag in your layout file of your template. <script async defer src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR API KEY HERE"type="text/javascript"></script>
  6. Two routes

    You're Welcome
  7. SilverWings V.A. restarts

    Sent PM
  8. Two routes

    The yellow line in the picture is showing the route from Departure to Destination via phpvms. The green line or the route the pilot is actually traveling is created by a custom acars that reports lat/lon coordinates while the pilot is traveling to the destination. Bascially you need a custom Acars that reports lat and lon cordinates very often.
  9. How to limit Activity Feed? [SOLVED]

    You will use the code below and change the "4" to however many recent activities to show <?php // Show the activity feed MainController::Run('Activity', 'Frontpage', 4); ?>
  10. Crew Center Tweaks

    theres an update coming very soon peter that will include the ckeditor in the reply as well as new messages !
  11. fix for reCAPTCHA key error not working [SOLVED]

    please mark this solved
  12. you may add the video in the frontpage_main file within the core templates folder where you like within the template file occardingly where you would like the video to show. use the call below within the php tags to pull the country image for the pilot echo '<img src="'.Countries::getCountryImage($pilot->location).'" alt="'.Countries::getCountryName($pilot->location).'" />';
  13. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    Visit crew.weflyfsx-va.com login with Username WEF0404 pass 123456 see the WeflyMail tab on the left
  14. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    Visit crew.weflyfsx-va.com login with Username WEF0404 pass 123456 see the WeflyMail tab on the left