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  1. vbegin72

    [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Make sure that you have your google map api setup
  2. vbegin72

    Acars Beta Testers

    Im accepting suggestions as well they can be entered at the link below this link is where the releases will be published http://vascroll.com/vasCARS/
  3. vbegin72

    Acars Beta Testers

    That makes 4 to go.
  4. vbegin72

    Acars Beta Testers

    Hello everyone. Im looking for some beta testers that would like to test a new acars system im in the middle of creating if anyone is interested please comment below The link below is to vascroll my 2nd website this is the where you can find an image of the weather information page of the program a little sneak peek! i need about 5 people https://vascroll.com
  5. vbegin72

    Crew Center Tweaks

    This was purchased from my site i had that i let go early last year if you still want a copy of the source its $8USD that i will accept through paypal just send me a pm if interested
  6. vbegin72

    I can't remove the Recaptcha

    Not sure why you would want to remove it because you will receive spam accounts. but you need to set your google recapatcha keys in your local.config.php for v2 of recapatcha to work
  7. vbegin72

    (Solved)Tour Bids

    <?php # Don't allow overlapping bids and a bid exists if(Config::Get('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID') == true && $route->bidid != 0) { ?> <a id="<?php echo $route->id; ?>" class="addbid" href="<?php echo actionurl('/schedules/addbid');?>">Add to Bid</a> <?php } else { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { ?> <a id="<?php echo $route->id; ?>" class="addbid" href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid');?>">Add to Bid</a> <?php } } ?> When i use this it doesnt bid the flight like it has no function but it does work on schedules page
  8. vbegin72

    Simpilotgroup charter (auto-price)

    Has anyone used this script or has the prices affected your airline in a good or bad way ?
  9. vbegin72

    Can I have 2 seperate skins for a website?

    you can only have one skin per phpvms installation but if you want to have a frontpage and display information on the frontpage from phpvms such as pilots or stats you can do that tell me if that what youre looking for
  10. vbegin72

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    Virtual Airlines Manager features are currently being added
  11. vbegin72

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    New features coming today !
  12. vbegin72

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    Come Check us out and create your own free account for your website today ! https://vascroll.com
  13. vbegin72

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    Our site registration form now allows for voting only accounts and has the feature of buy highlighted slots under voters account so now your pilots could gift you a month of a premium account !
  14. vbegin72

    VASroll - Virtual Airlines Ads Free

    Below is our form when you submit a site to our list this can be found if you login to vascroll.com or register then click submit my site