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  1. another discoverage why does the price for sell aircraft increases after two flights purchased the ATR72 for 20000000$ and now it will sell for Sellprice: 20.302.507,36$ any real Airline would be happy if it is that way in reality
  2. I have modified my fleet page to show condition and unit cost (new) in view http://www.flyeurope-va.org/index.php/vfleettracker
  3. works like a dream! thankyou
  4. if($aircraft->enabled == 1) { continue; } something like that for the if
  5. how does that function need to look?
  6. how can this modified to work with latest beta which I need to use because of aircraft buy mod the function is splitted into two instead of one in the beta public static function incrementFlownCount($code, $flightnum) { return self::changeFlownCount($code, $flightnum, '+1'); } /** * SchedulesData::changeFlownCount() * * @param mixed $code * @param mixed $flightnum * @param mixed $amount * @return void */ public static function changeFlownCount($code, $flightnum, $amount) { $schedid = intval($schedid); $code = strtoupper($code); $flightnum = strtoupper(
  7. to let the schedule_results.tpl only show flights for enabled aircraft and hide all schedules of aircraft disabled in admin?
  8. so I am now on a beta version seems all working but I have to change my schedules since the dont show up when using the week thing
  9. have a slight problem when editing schedules after installing the plugin There was an error editing the schedule: Unknown column 'week1' in 'field list'
  10. other question where can I get the latest beta version?
  11. everything seems working now! will fly tomorrow to test one question does revenue of flights increase the Airline Capital? since the module forced me to reduce my fleet a bit from 37 aircraft to 28
  12. well I may try do update from old 0.91 release
  13. I am getting this in fleet admin when clicking buy Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Operations' does not have a method 'buysellaircraft' in /home/flyeurop/public_html/core/classes/MainController.class.php on line 218 could it be that some files are missing in upload? - /phpvms/admin/templates/ops_aircraftform.tpl is there - /phpvms/admin/templates/ops_aircraftlist.tpl is there not sure about this one: - /phpvms/admin/modules/operations/operations.php - /phpvms/core/common/operationsData.class.php do they need updated if yes they are not
  14. date is not enough correct must be datetime for the initial value
  15. getting an error on sql import (using phpmyadmin) Fehler SQL-Befehl: ALTER TABLE `phpvms_aircraft` ADD COLUMN `maint` varchar( 15 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00'; MySQL meldet: #1067 - Invalid default value for 'maint' think it is because of datatype!?
  16. will the new version work with that version Version 2.1.v2.1.935
  17. does the new version alter condition on landing rate base or is that still unsolved?
  18. I have the problem that if I switch rewrite on it shows the mainpage without problems but no modules Livemap when click on the links it sends me back to Home any ideas ?
  19. is that how to get it work? http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/7561-flight-delay-or-to-early/#entry50310
  20. thanks did it slight diffrently you can view it here: http://www.flyeurope-va.org/index.php/schedules/view
  21. very interesting but where to place that code? did not get it to work!
  22. if you can share the code when you are on your PC again please because I dont know how to convert the values
  23. <img src="http://www.gcmap.com/map?P=<?php echo $gcstrg ?>&MS=bm&MR=30&MX=720x360&PM=b:disc4:red%2b%22%25i%25+%28N%2210:yellow&PC=%23ffffff" /><br /> yellow text ,white path line, and red point
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