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  1. is there a source where data for airliners can be found? found a bug in 1.1 it does not add data to database
  2. probably yes! Directly taken from vaCentral: Tips for great success Enter proper flight times in your schedules An airline with 30 pilots and 20 active will rank better than an airline with 100 pilots and 40 active Use an ACARS program for best accuracy for fuel and flight time Make sure you have prices for all your routes (if you don't, you still have to pay for it!) Enter expenses properly - you will be audited (like the real thing!); if there are no expenses, you get docked $20,000/month Using the live fuel prices gives you extra points
  3. I wouldn't wonder if all entries came from the same bot but with different proxy
  4. yep I know that problem and I think you could have been quite right that some of them try to spy but there are also some people that register at many VA's and do not fly for any of these strange best regards, Thomas
  5. is there a fix to trim times from 1.57119275296 to 1.57 hrs
  6. ok this gives me the modules too except the Acars map data does not show up any idea help needed! # main page of the site DirectoryIndex index.php # prevent viewing of a specific file <FilesMatch "\.(htaccess|htpasswd|ini|phps|fla|psd|log|sh|tpl)$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch> # prevent viewing of index Options +FollowSymLinks Options All -Indexes #Can give without index.php for the modules RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L]
  7. Cor, I wanted to ask the Same question Ademar, how did you get the Nice weather Layer?
  8. Danke für die Hilfe Manuel
  9. can I use else if as well to catch more possible Flighttypes?
  10. hallo have a question how can I force output on frontpage to show Passenger instead of P http://www.flyeurope-va.org/index.php/codeshare
  11. found another thing the external link to a airline pic is optional but condition is "not null" which requires to fill that field out
  12. have a problem importing the sql #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''image' varchar(255) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHA' at line 5 CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `phpvms_codeshares` ( `id` int( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `schedid` int( 11 ) NOT NULL , `airline` varchar( 50 ) NOT NULL , 'image'varchar( 255 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `id` ) ) ENGINE = MYISAM DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT =28; I solved it by manually creating the table dont know
  13. this will be definatly used by my VA when Staff is away on summer vacation
  14. With the Mod Economics are more important and it punishes to hard landings
  15. hangar image is jpg not png Note: that path only works when you installed phpvms into a folder phpvms! that should be better: <img src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/admin/lib/images/hangar.jpg" height="340" width="550" alt="Hangar">
  16. re-downloaded the mod and reuploaded the ops-aircraftrepair.tpl now it works it somehow get corrupted while uploading during install even a huge file size difference 21000+ corrupted to correct 6030
  17. That is Great for Fleet page absolutely no Problem with the percentage in Admin as that is only shown to me as Admin I have another Problem when hitting repair I get <�!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <�html><�head> <�meta content="text/html; charset=unicode" http-equiv=Content-Type> <�meta name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 9.00.8112.16430"> <�/head> <�body> <�?php // Variables here $repdif= 100-"$aircraft->cond"; $repo= rand(40, 100); // Add random Repaircost modifier $repmax= 0.2; // Max Repaircosts
  18. another small thing of cosmetic nature Percentages like 96.9075% doesn't look that perfect when echoeing on fleet pages
  19. I think that is how it ordered on site priority like it is done when you set manual ranking?
  20. think I must lookup by ID if Aircraft is enabled? as that is Unique to every aircraft the ID's named differently in the tables of schedules and Aircraft
  21. I think it should be 20.000.000-302.507,36$
  22. could it be that he is on Release Version and not the Beta?
  23. it works but I think I must get aircraft by registration since I have many 737-700 all activated except one that is nigeria registrated think I have to go over ID as it is in both which also show up! with that code any idea?
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