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  1. is it possible to create free products? and how are they shown as price 0$ or FREE?
  2. Seems to be a additional column in phpvms_aircraft table ?! Where the ICAO of your Airlines go in But I Does Not Know how to implement that on Admin side
  3. Looks Perfect Manuel in which Price range?
  4. first of all congratulation for creating this great addon one question is it possible that it show only enabled/purchased aircraft ordered by Type? best regards, Thomas
  5. exactly in the attachment you have an example of my vstaff priority settings
  6. short question why do you use getRankInfo what does it return? think getRankImage is for the image
  7. I have this <td align="center"><img src="<?php echo RanksData::getRankImage($pilot->rank);?>" alt="<?php echo $pilot->rank;?>" /></td> which works on my site
  8. I am using this <img src="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/images/airline/<%=flight.flightnum.substring(0,3)%>.png" > which shows the airline logo corresponding to the flight
  9. Try to trim what you use in table for the flight number output to the first three characters It may work the same way I did for the INAIR Images?!
  10. Will try if I can make it work on my site tomorow
  11. The Problem is mentioned here http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/19785-livemap-and-inair/page__st__20#entry111854 code in Variable in livemap gives you for example VLI454 not the VLI alone so you have to work with substring but more in the linked post above
  12. there is maybe a unclosed DIV this can sometimes make the floats go weird
  13. think we need else if statements here if it has something to return echo the pilots in Hub else echo we have no pilots in this Hub! or something similar but unsure how the statement has to look exactly;)
  14. one thing I have problem setting any hub manager admin backend shows only Airport Icao but let me not alter hub details
  15. where exactly does that need to be?
  16. I might be wrong but I think there is already a payware module for that http://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/flight-academy-exam-center best regards Thomas
  17. Right so I think the Trick would be to go by the flightnumber since the First three characters are the Airline Code But did not know exactly how to get the first 3 characters and how the conditions need to look like
  18. you find the answer in that topic http://forum.phpvms....vemap-and-inair
  19. discovered one thing now with var pos = new google.maps.LatLng(lat, lng); flightMarkers[flightMarkers.length] = new google.maps.Marker({ position: pos, map: map, icon: url+"/lib/images/inair/"+data[i].code+"/"+data[i].heading+".png", flightdetails: data[i], infowindow_content: detailed_bubble }); which works great but one problem if you have 2 Airlines VLI and FEV (in my case) and Pilot assigned to FEV fly a VLI flight it show the FEV inair image instead of VLI so is there a possibility to go over the flightnumber if flightcode starts with VLI* force use of VLI inair image? best re
  20. is this update for the beta too?
  21. Txmmy83


    maybe this issue is related to the fact that we use a beta version of phpvms? we need because nighthawks aircraft maintenance mod need that to work
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