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  1. I did carry out exactly the instructions for the 5x Version seems to work for me
  2. Hi, the problem with smartcars is that it is closed-source software (means source code is not available for developers because of it's Payware nature)
  3. this how it looks at my site http://www.flyeurope-va.org/index.php/flightboards I customized the letters a bit
  4. Hi Duncan, the answer is quite simple some of these VA's using other Systems then phpVMS and other Pirep Clients and manually Upload their statistics when approved Smartcars flights for example never show up on live map but that is written in vacentral FAQ page So not being on live map does NOT necessarily mean they are not flying! Best regards, Thomas Schedl
  5. David, I did not find the line $pirep_xml->addChild('revenue', $pirep->revenue); in my CentralData.Class.php any ideas my phpVMS version number reads v2.1.934-170-g5ca803a I have reviewed my file and it looks a bit like a 5x Version? I have that in my protected static function get_pirep_xml($pirep) { $pilotid = PilotData::getPilotCode($pirep->code, $pirep->pilotid); $pirep_xml = self::addElement(null, 'pirep', null, array( 'uniqueid' => $pirep->pirepid, 'pilotid' => $pilotid, 'pilotname' => $pirep->firstname . ' ' . $pirep->lastname, 'flight
  6. where in the OperationsData.class.php should I post that?
  7. have question don't know if it was already asked by someone and answered is there a a possibility (function) to count all enabled aircraft by ICAO type and is there a possibility to output all registrations of the same? best regards, Thomas
  8. yeah that works but if I remember right it causes troubles if you have Pilots using manual PIREP submit as any unchecked Airline is not selectable for PIREP submit too
  9. you can add it with a other code example EK688K which you can change back to needed code at least I do it that way since by default if you create a flight you can not give a flightnumber twice but when editing it allows you to rename EK688K to EK688 even when EK688 already exists! hope that helps best regards, Thomas
  10. yeah good idea but it can be annoying for some users
  11. how can I set visible for non logged in users? PS: just found it out myself
  12. OMG that made my day I have Studied Multimedia Design but I in my whole Design Career I haven't seen something like that
  13. yep now the admin part is there but bringing up another error Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /home/flyeurop/public_html/admin/templates/faq/update.tpl on line 10 Warning: file_get_contents(http://php-mods.eu/m...es/versions/faq) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/flyeurop/public_html/admin/templates/faq/update.tpl on line 10 There is a problem with the server connection. Please contact us. fivedev is my hosting provider
  14. still not working even when doing that runing on phpVMS Version v2.1.934-170-g5ca803a which is when remembering right a Beta?
  15. No that giving me The module "FAQ" doesn't exist! Error Which is Strange since I uploaded the folders exactly in the structure gives! best regards, Thomas
  16. What can be the cause that it didn't Show up in Addons in Admin all is uploaded in right place best regards, Thomas
  17. the one in the signature above or in this Post now
  18. doesn't work for me! getting Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/flyeurop/public_html/core/templates/faq/faq_index.tpl on line 53 and it also doesn't show up in admin any Idea? best regards, Thomas
  19. what would interest me more is a country flag aliased to planes registrations as above SP-* for Poland or I-* for Italy EI-* for Ireland guess that it will be do able with else if statements
  20. absolutely agree with Jordan free hosting wouldn't work well (because most of them will limit you below the minimum of the minimum standards to run phpVMS)
  21. think this codes wouldn't work any longer!
  22. Sorry for my late answer Yes flight is loaded OK an then getting this "Error Loading METARs!" every time hitting refresh button does not help
  23. One Thing the Metar refresh does not work on the free Version from what I have Seen on Description of the free Version Should Display metars?
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