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  1. Yeah, not really sure what you're trying to do. vmsACARS doesn't download from Simbrief directly. Only a single simbrief gets stored by phpVMS - it's the "phpvms" format that's in the SB downloader. ACARS downloads that from your phpVMS directly, because they get deleted from the SB side pretty quickly. A planned feature I have is that if you have ACARS open without a plan loaded, and you download the flightplan from the SB downloader, it will load the plan directly and try to find and load a bid, if it exists, from phpVMS automatically. But that'll be sometime in the future
  2. That is a problem with your server or internet connection
  3. It shouldn't be required, if it is then we can change that (Github issue, please)
  4. Is this your own server? Just looked at the site, it looks like the files aren't uplaoded right (htaccess problem), or if your own server, the vhost is pointing to the wrong directory
  5. Follow this: https://docs.phpvms.net/acars/install-server It sounds like the module wasn't uploaded properly. Also, make sure you're on the latest dev.
  6. Do you have the logs from the logs folder?
  7. Can you try with the default theme to see if the fares dropdown is working? Also check the error console.
  8. It cannot right now, though i haven't tried fsuipc with widefs. It needs the scenery library scanned, though you could scan it on your flight sim pc and copy the database files over
  9. I believe there's a github issue for this - the initial starting column is missing from the csv
  10. There are several files - one with some js to load, and another for the API call
  11. Can you check the Laravel logs? It seems like it just loops but doesn't output the error, though it should be. And make sure the permissions are correct - it's possible it couldn't create the two config files in the root directory (env.php and config.php) - do you see those created?
  12. Nabeel


    Do you have the link to the full error? There should be a "share" button. Are you on the latest dev? Do you know which airport this user is at?
  13. Sorry for the delay - on the latest dev? I'll have to check why that's getting filtered. Are the subfleet/aircraft assigned to the ranks?
  14. Yea there's no free version of vmsacars
  15. In the phpVMS settings, disable the aircraft restrictions. This restricts based off the aircraft available to the user and what's at the airport
  16. Are you on the beta or the latest dev? If beta, try the latest dev. Check the laravel logs, too
  17. There is a task/PR to load this dynamically and do a search that way. I just haven't gotten to it yet
  18. Have you tried the included docker-compose file?
  19. Nevermind, I'm looking through the log file now... I have to dig through the code now and see why it's doing that. It should be removing it locally after it's been filed, but it also looks like it's not being reconciled against the web version, there might be a bug in there or something.
  20. Are you filing the PIREP on the site or through ACARS?
  21. Yeah next time it happens, can you please send the logs over?
  22. What was the exact issue and resolution, for future reference? Thanks
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