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  1. Yes, this is the vmsACARS application which will be released with v7
  2. https://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-7.0.0-dev.tar.gz
  3. Sounds like a php extension might not be installed/enabled. Do you have a screenshot of the first installer page with the requirements? Maybe I'm missing a requirement
  4. Have you run the installer already? Are there already tables in the database? I've seen that happen if the install was aborted or there was an error, and there's stuff left over from the previous install. Try clearing the DB and then reinstalling
  5. Nabeel

    Admin Error

    Yeah this is possible, the permissions of the `storage` folder aren't correct.
  6. Nabeel

    Admin Error

    There is a "Share" button on that page for the error, can you share that link? Thanks
  7. If you're using a subdomain, point the directory to the /public directory - http://docs.phpvms.net/setup/installation/shared-hosts#method-2-subdomain
  8. Looks like it's a parser error with the backticks. Maybe post a bug report for Visual Studio Code or whatever the PHP plugin for syntax highlighting is
  9. Nabeel

    Registration Page

    The easiest way would be to create a hidden field with the airline ID you want. Right now, there aren't custom registration fields, probably something I can add in after release
  10. You changed the role for your own user away from admin? I need to block that from happening...
  11. Looks like the latest install there worked. Sorry about the issues. You can try the latest dev, there's a fully packaged version at the link below. There's a lot of fixes, in the installer too: http://downloads.phpvms.net/phpvms-7.0.0-dev.tar.gz
  12. Try the latest dev, I think that should be fixed.
  13. Take a look at the container/docker-compose setup that's in the repository (in the dev branch). That might help
  14. Is this with the latest dev version?
  15. .env is env.php file. Are there more logs in the storage/logs folder that are pertinent?
  16. The config looks right, have you looked in the storage/logs/laravel.log file?
  17. Can you try the latest dev? Who's your host?
  18. Nabeel

    Registration Page

    Which fields are you looking to remove? The easiest way would be to replace it with a hidden field in the template
  19. Which version are you using? The latest beta or dev version?
  20. I have to make that configurable, as to what the default page will be. However, right now news is a widget right now, which can be added onto any page as: {{ Widget::latestNews(['count' => 1]) }}
  21. I think I'll have to add a note in there that exports from < v7 won't work
  22. SVGs have been used for a while. You can just replace the image, it works like any other image
  23. The latest versions (as of dev) have optional to add cargo fares, with those language changes to accomodate.
  24. I have on the list an "email to all pilots" functionality. But thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! The docs can definitely be improved.
  25. It should be. It looks like you're on a Mac. That hides dotfiles by default, you need to change that setting - http://docs.phpvms.net/setup/installation
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