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  1. How about Online Flight Planner? http://onlineflightplanner.org/ It allows various export options (FSX, X-Plane, PMDG, etc) and the user can select a specific AIRAC cycle (from most current all the way back to cycle 0511). It uses Route Finder for the routing, includes WX and fuel also. There's also http://simroutes.com -but it appears to load an error page at present. Either/both are easily integrated into phpVMS by editing and renaming the Route Finder module.
  2. I have been unable to get any events to display other than those of the current month. When viewing months other than the current month, the current month's events displayed - same current month's events no matter what month I selected. After finding a blog by a gentleman named David Walsh (possible original code for the php calendar) and doing a bit of reading of the comments there, I was able to get all events to show in their correct month. I am not a PHP coder. I only edited one existing file in Strider's original package. There may be a more efficient way to achieve the same outcome I wa
  3. Hi Austin Thanks for the response! I'm quite new to phpVMS, exactly where is the 'Delete Multiple Routes' box? Gene
  4. Our pilots can fly ANY aircraft in our inventory, regardless of pilot rank - but we want to restrict aircraft to specific routes. We have aircraft assigned to specific categories, and assign one or more categories to a specific flight number. This allows our pilots to fly a range of aircraft available for a given route. Ideally, having the aircraft names and/or aircraft category show in the schedule and having a drop down box listing only those aircraft available for a specific flight on the 'File a Flight Report' page is what we are after. Is it possible to assign multiple aircraft types to
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