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  1. Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Make sure you have this correct. Also your landing rate should be minus eg -500
  2. The Admin Center isn't working properly

    Please search as this error has been seen before. It would save you time rather than waiting for a reply
  3. Points System

    great can you send me an estimate of what it would cost
  4. Points System

    Ah ok I get itnow I like it maybe we could add10 points for engines stopped before pirep filed ?
  5. Points System

    Sorry mate I don't understand
  6. Points System

    @Vangelis I have sent you the email thanks
  7. Points System

    lol @web541 can you see if it is possible and then give me a price please
  8. Points System

    These can all be got from the Log of smartcars. Thats what VRYR uses on their site. Here is a typical Log from one of my pilots. Maybe all cannot be possible but maybe some of it
  9. Points System

    Would @servetas be able to do this
  10. Live flight not working

    Ok no worries. I do hope you get sorted
  11. Live flight not working

    Ah ok because I have another thread where I thought it was my weather map that was causing the problem. But it turn out that it was my key being called multiple times. When you right click on your page and click Inspect then Console are you getting the report of key being called multiple times. If you are try my fix above
  12. Live flight not working

    I think I have found a fix for this @web541 @HCStrike Remove your <script async defer src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=PLACE YOURKEY IN HERE&callback=initMap"></script> from your core_htmlhead.php and put into your acarsmap.php just before <script type="text/javascript"> var acars_map_defaults = { autozoom: true, zoom: 4, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN, refreshTime: 10000 }; </script> Its a crew center error that is calling the scripts multiple times.
  13. Live flight not working

    Sorry I am at a loss then. I hope you find a solution
  14. Live flight not working

    Hmm ok because it was my weather map . Also what I done was put my co-ordinates into my acars.js file to match the co-ordinates in my localconfig
  15. Live flight not working

    This sounds like an error I had also. Are you using Crewcenter and by any chance do you have a weather map on the same page