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  1. Hi I would like to say thank you for all your hard work im loving this, i am also having this issue, i have read the documents to the letter and managed to get the logout page header pointed to the login page with "header('Location: '.url('/login'));" but for example if someone is not a member and just visits the website to look around they see http://prntscr.com/l8jvoe there are no menus or login or anywhere to click, also once logged in how do i get to the admin part of it ? ie if i have admin powers and nobody else ? thanks again for all your hard work.. Wazza
  2. Hi I have got it working ok but a couple of things how do i add a button for tools and the pilot profile on the dashboard i cannot see a link for pilots or profile page, the only one is to edit your profile ? great work by the way looks awesome !!! Wazza
  3. Hi guys I managed to sort it myself and just for your info here is what I done. This is just the worse Landings ie the bottom ones. <p align="center"><a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL/index.php/TouchdownStats/worst_landings/" target="_self">Click here to see the worst landing rates</a></p>
  4. Booagce

    skyBlue v1

    it would be nice when the pilots fly ie. DLH you could see the airline icon next to there name..
  5. Booagce

    skyBlue v1

    Hi guys thank you for the great template, I was wondering on the front acars map there is a division icon when you fly, now I have created a Gfx logo to represent the VA, is there a way to get it to change to say Easyjet just by using the first three letters of the flight number ie EZYxxx or DLHxxx, I have looked in the frontpage_acars.php on line 109 but i cant seem to get it to change to the airline being flown?....
  6. Hey Guys is there a way to add best and worst landing for the month with who the pilot is ? in the top pilot stats?
  7. Could you explain in english for me please lol where do i put this "FCalculator::CalcFuelFlows();" in the Fuelcalculator.php in module inside index() do i just paste this in or do i add it as a $param = FCalculator::CalcFuelFlows(); thank you
  8. Hi Goto your Admin page and goto "site/settings" then "General settings" make sure your email is in the webmasters email address. if it is then we can goto the next step. goto the backend of your website where all your files are, I use notepadd ++ it helps with line numbers 1) goto "CORE" open up Local.config.php scroll down to line 103 email settings make sure smtp is on false,, the port is 25 and "auth" is on false. save that and then open up app.config.php goto line 217 again make sure smtp is on False, port 25, and auth false. then goto line 227 make sure your email you set up is on both lines for registration and new pirep. ie Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_REGISTRATION', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_PIREP', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com'); then line 231 make sure also email send pirep is set to true. next is line 236 email return path make sure your email is in that line also ie Config::Set('EMAIL_RETURN_PATH', 'xxxxxxxxxxx.com'); hope this helps Wazza
  9. Brilliant that worked a treat i went to the admin dashboard and exported all ok cheers thank you !! dont forget guys i keep seeing you can only send max 3 times a day.
  10. Booagce


    Hi yes thats the public view no the pilot view sorry this is what we are getting http://prntscr.com/e3aeuq.. its when you insert route in Admin back page and to view the route before you save..
  11. Booagce


    Hi I've managed to sort out the table now but it's the map still blank? Www.transatlanticvirtual.co.uk
  12. Booagce


    Hi Gus ive managed to sort out most of my issues but I cannot sort these two ,http://prntscr.com/e1t1wu and http://prntscr.com/e1t73q Rooute map somethings wrong, and I cannot get the map info to move to the left. I have done the API thing and searched through all the route maps I can find and add the API into but this is still not working can someone point me in the right direction please, many thanks Wazza
  13. Booagce


    Hi I have nothing under core/local_config.php #Airport there is nothing there, nothing relating to #Airport and thank you for helping.. brilliant work !!! Regards Wazza
  14. Booagce


    there is no Join module in the zip i can find !!! I do apologise I have found it in the zip and it is now working thank you flyalaska but I still have an issue with adding Schedules.. as above !!!
  15. Booagce


    Good Evening guys, wow what a skin its awesome, I have 2 bugs which i think it might be a database issue but not sure?, everything installed fine and I have followed the readme with the changes all ok, but when a new person selects Join today they get.... The module "JOIN" doesn't exist! I Also have an issue when trying to add a schedule in its says saved but it doesnt show in either page or in the database ? I have input Aircraft and Airports, here is my phpmyadmin details attached, please help as I love this livery.. Thanks in advance !!! Wazza
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