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  1. Phpvms isnt sending any emails

    Hi Goto your Admin page and goto "site/settings" then "General settings" make sure your email is in the webmasters email address. if it is then we can goto the next step. goto the backend of your website where all your files are, I use notepadd ++ it helps with line numbers 1) goto "CORE" open up Local.config.php scroll down to line 103 email settings make sure smtp is on false,, the port is 25 and "auth" is on false. save that and then open up app.config.php goto line 217 again make sure smtp is on False, port 25, and auth false. then goto line 227 make sure your email you set up is on both lines for registration and new pirep. ie Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_REGISTRATION', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx.com'); Config::Set('EMAIL_NEW_PIREP', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com'); then line 231 make sure also email send pirep is set to true. next is line 236 email return path make sure your email is in that line also ie Config::Set('EMAIL_RETURN_PATH', 'xxxxxxxxxxx.com'); hope this helps Wazza
  2. Brilliant that worked a treat i went to the admin dashboard and exported all ok cheers thank you !! dont forget guys i keep seeing you can only send max 3 times a day.
  3. blueIce

    Hi yes thats the public view no the pilot view sorry this is what we are getting http://prntscr.com/e3aeuq.. its when you insert route in Admin back page and to view the route before you save..
  4. blueIce

    Hi I've managed to sort out the table now but it's the map still blank? Www.transatlanticvirtual.co.uk
  5. blueIce

    Hi Gus ive managed to sort out most of my issues but I cannot sort these two ,http://prntscr.com/e1t1wu and http://prntscr.com/e1t73q Rooute map somethings wrong, and I cannot get the map info to move to the left. I have done the API thing and searched through all the route maps I can find and add the API into but this is still not working can someone point me in the right direction please, many thanks Wazza
  6. blueIce

    Hi I have nothing under core/local_config.php #Airport there is nothing there, nothing relating to #Airport and thank you for helping.. brilliant work !!! Regards Wazza
  7. blueIce

    there is no Join module in the zip i can find !!! I do apologise I have found it in the zip and it is now working thank you flyalaska but I still have an issue with adding Schedules.. as above !!!
  8. blueIce

    Good Evening guys, wow what a skin its awesome, I have 2 bugs which i think it might be a database issue but not sure?, everything installed fine and I have followed the readme with the changes all ok, but when a new person selects Join today they get.... The module "JOIN" doesn't exist! I Also have an issue when trying to add a schedule in its says saved but it doesnt show in either page or in the database ? I have input Aircraft and Airports, here is my phpmyadmin details attached, please help as I love this livery.. Thanks in advance !!! Wazza
  9. phpvms_navdata updated from Airac 1307 =)

    Hi great work by the way but can you tell me where to run php -f update.php please i have followed it letter by letter but this part stumps me ?
  10. Pilot Center aircraft types

    Anyone ?
  11. Slow Schedules Page

    We had this in our v.a we trimmed loads of airports out as well, basically all the airports for eg . WA79 and kept all the alphabet ones ie. EGLL but got it down to about 5 secs to loads, but the fastest way is to use smartcars search feature it's very quick, and straight in. Hope this help
  12. Pilot Center aircraft types

    Hi Guys is there a way in the pilot center that it can show the pilots aircraft types available to his rank ie C172 for a rookie ? or a list of all the ones in our fleet ? Regards Wazza
  13. Flight numbers

    hey guys is there anyway, when creating a flight that the next flight number in order appears in the box without looking it up ? Thanks guys Wazza
  14. Route Waypoints not shown

    Hi where did you get the Navdata.sql ive got a subscription with navigraph but cannot find it anywhere ?
  15. SimBrief error

    I have that same issue and i have cpanel, any idea where it is in cpanel for me to alter ? brilliant addon thank you hopefully get it going.. Regards Warren