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  1. This is displayed when there is no data usually ie the value to be calculated is 0
  2. Its in the core>common>PIREPData.class,php Its about line 756 in my file, it looks like this, thats not the whole section. if (Config::Get('EMAIL_SEND_PIREP') === true) { # Send an email to the admin that a PIREP was submitted $sub = "A PIREP has been submitted by {$pilotcode} ({$pirepdata['depicao']} - {$pirepdata['arricao']})"; $message = "A PIREP has been submitted by {$pilotcode} " ."({$pilotinfo->firstname} {$pilotinfo->lastname})\n\n"
  3. You would probably be best modding your database to include the airline code, you can then restrict and call available aircraft using the modification.
  4. The url for the pilots to download the config file should be, http://eravirtualairways.com/en/action.php/acars/xacarsconfig I have my link in the profile_main.tpl <a href="<?php echo actionurl('/acars/xacarsconfig');?>">X-ACARS Config File</a>
  5. No one seemed to use it and i moved all my services off my home unit to linux to save some cash so this server was turned off about 6 weeks ago.
  6. Maybe a "VA Licence" would be more suitable, i have to agree with Tom about forcing users to have their own personal account. Vroute used this same kind of thing where you can call the parameters off their api and you get a return xml string of route data and such, the VA only had to pay for the current araic and this was all a backend function invisible to the user except from a logo at the bottom with "route provided by vroute".
  7. Your password is not correct for the user specified. Check the password or username or create a new password and try again.
  8. Exciting developments, ill be checking this out right now!
  9. Sava, a good addition to this would be to approve the request and once approved they get added to a defined group ie leave, i have different groups and would need to add them to the group once approved. Hope you understand what im trying to say
  10. The file you need to modify is Core>Common>PilotData.class.php In my file its around line 513 but yours may be different, /** * Completely delete a pilot * * @param int $pilotid Pilot ID * @return mixed This is the return value description * */ public static function deletePilot($pilotid) { $sql = array(); unset(self::$pilot_data[$pilotid]); $tables = array( 'acarsdata', 'bids', 'pirepcomments', 'pireps', 'fieldvalues', 'groupmembers', 'pilots' ); foreach ($tables as $table) { $sql = 'DELETE FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.$table.' WHERE `pilotid`='.$pilotid; $res = DB::query($sql); } return true; } Thats the code so just take the pireps and pirepcomments out of the array. NOT TESTED please use at your peril.
  11. Go to the pilot admin and comment out the code that deleted pireps, give me 5 minutes and i will post it.
  12. We run a separate sql every hour to catch flights with 0 revenue, fuel and 0 pax load, the system will then do the rest for you. I run this on a cron and it works ok.
  13. Looks ok to me just make sure your core folder permissions are set correct
  14. Thats a server error message, get your host to make sure php is configured correctly
  15. Just add a new field to the database this will not get undone on any update then just modify the stock file and create a back up of it which sits on the server, on any update all you have to do is then compare the differences from your modified backed up file against the new one.
  16. This is probably more of a browser issue, are you using chrome?
  17. The flights and pilots will remain as your using the same database if that's what you mean. There will be no need for your members to rejoin, all their data will still be there.
  18. If your paying for hosting then you can get dedicated ie just your site for a small monthly amount.
  19. By looking at that list your skins folder is untouched, download a complete copy of your site to your desktop then delete everything from your home folder on the server, thats providing you have phpvms only in there. Download a new version of phpvms and upload to your server. Now go to your desktop where your old site is and check all the files in your active skin folder that they are clean, once satisfied upload them to your site, check also the local.config.php file and when your in there change your database password and save, then upload that to your core and you should be back to normal. If you have modified the other scripts you will need to re modify them again to your needs but basically thats the easiest thing to do.
  20. We all know this exploit has been about since 2009 so dating your files is useless. You need to examine everything unless you know exactly. Most of the default phpvms files are 2011 depending what version your running so you can easily check that way.
  21. You guys could use this, its not 100% but it will give you some idea, http://app.webinspector.com and http://www.unmaskparasites.com/ Pop your url in there and let it scan your site.
  22. If you have a backup i could have a look at the files in there for you, you know what should be there not not really but also if your on the same server check other directories.
  23. I found adding an extra page which requires a tick box to be checked before registration completely eliminated spam or bot registrations.to date so far.
  24. Upload the install folder and run the file checkinstall.php, dont forget to delete it again afterwards.
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