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  1. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    I sent Webroot an email. That's really strange since there are no executables and the zip is directly from Github
  2. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    Thanks, I'll look into this. This is super weird. I'm guessing it's because of the OFC library. I'll try to get in touch with them and find out more.
  3. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    Which zip? Can you link me?
  4. Website Hosting sees phpVMS as a virus [SOLVED]

    I'd ask for details on what files. They could also be referring to a vulnerability list with "open-flash-charts" on it, which had a vulnerability, that I patched in subsequent versions a long time ago (when the vulnerability in that library was first reported)
  5. VAModules | Advanced Modules

    You still need permission
  6. phpVMS 5.0 Classic

    Should be fixed now.
  7. XACARS Not Submitting

    There's gotta be some error logs somewhere, they wouldn't just fall through. You'll have to get in touch with the xacars developer
  8. phpVMS 5.0 Classic

    Version 5.x


    This is the phpVMS classic version, compatible with PHP 5.3+ (it was updated to support PHp 5.3/5.6/7.x). This isn't updated anymore. See https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2
  9. Setting up v7

    I'll put the previous version download in the downloads section
  10. Require Help In Installation

    Yeah, that will depend from host to host. Thanks for sharing it.
  11. Require Help In Installation

  12. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    I've heard good things about vultr but haven't tried it out myself. Thanks for your offer, though. I've got more than enough hosting places lol
  13. Require Help In Installation

    Are you trying to install on shared hosting? You don't need to do all that. The readme has the link to the tarball that has everything already in it. All you will need to do it upload it. If you're cloning, you need to run `composer install` in order to get all of the dependencies and stuff. I'll update the wiki page to remove all those instructions. The error 500 could be because you haven't done that. It's impossible to know without looking at your server's error logs, which is where I would start if I were you
  14. vacentral news

    It's being worked on with the new version of phpVMS. It wasn't worth the time effort to rebuild it
  15. phpVMS Hosting Now Available!

    Linode is great. It's where this site is hosted. For small dev stuff, digitalocean is a good bet as well