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  1. Nabeel


    And even if you're an American organization, if you have anyone who is signed up who lives in Europe, it applies to you as well
  2. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Just updated this to include instructions for fixing the contact page
  3. Nabeel

    Updating reCAPTCHA

    That means something hasn't been done in the instructions - a line missing in the bootstrap or the files not uploaded.
  4. Nabeel

    moving to PHPVMS v7

    It's not released yet. The plan is there to be a way to upgrade.
  5. Nabeel

    Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2

    Just make the same changes but on those pages/forms instead
  6. Nabeel

    map live flights

    Your entire page is messed up... you still have Google map stuff in there and haven't included any of the new files. Start with the instructions again and go through it step by step
  7. Nabeel

    map live flights

    To your live map
  8. Nabeel

    Changing ICONS

    Look through your CSS and HTML
  9. Nabeel

    map live flights

    I was asking about Chrome. And link?
  10. Did you download the zip and extract the lib/js/leaflet files like it said to? The instructions say precisely where to place the CSS and JS lines. Does the map work on the live map page? How about on the PIREP pages? You're saying the front page, but if that's something custom then you'll have to adapt the code for that.
  11. Nabeel

    Having problems installing PHPVMS 7

    7 is not released yet. 500 error - you need to look at your server logs. I'm moving this topic, as well.
  12. Nabeel

    map live flights

    How old/what version?
  13. Nabeel

    Airport Expenses

    Looking at publicly traded airline's financial statements would be a good place to start
  14. Nabeel

    trying to catchup

    The new version isn't ready yet. In the downloads section above, the latest dev and alpha are there, they're complete packages so you don't need to install dependencies via composer. You can install via composer but it might not work 100% out of the box. It's something I plan to address before release: https://packagist.org/packages/nabeel/phpvms
  15. Nabeel

    map live flights

    Sounds like the new update. What browser are you using?