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Certificate Of Promotion V1.1


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Dear All,

The Certificate Of Promotion V_1.1 is now released. Below please find out how it works:


It is a simple module that generates an automatic certificate for its members according to their respective positions in your Virtual Company..

1º Download the Certificate_Of_Promotion_V1.1 module

2º Extract the downloaded files

3º Login to your FTP account and send the files within the folder Certificate_Of_Promotion_V1.1 to your server

4º Open your profile_main.tpl page choose the location you want to insert the link below that will appear to its pilots.

<li><script language="Javascript">
function abrir(URL) {

var width = 800;
var height = 900;

var left = 99;
var top = 99;

window.open(URL,'janela', 'width='+width+', height='+height+', top='+top+', left='+left+', scrollbars=yes, status=no, toolbar=no, location=no, directories=no, menubar=no, resizable=no, fullscreen=no');


<a href="javascript:abrir('<?php echo SITE_URL?>/action.php/certificado/');">Certificate</a>

Ready, just enjoy the module, if you want to edit the photo that generates the certificate, just edit the photo in lib / images / certificate.png



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Well done nice addon for all the virtual airlines just i have one question to ask if i wanted to display the certificate without the link how can i get the final result.

i wanted to to display the certificate directly in small window within the pilot center dont want the click link?

Appreciate your response.

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Thank you, Great add on by the way,

I have figured out through my knowledge of HTML, that phpvms is extremely powerful on the CP, in regards to the adding pages area. This of course is

Written when saved as HTM, same as html obviously. However, phpvms amazes me at how you can embed a customized short HTML email, request, or any

other outside Web Site you may have come up with, either using iframe or object data embedding procedures. As long as your Template is matched with

Your working PhPvms site, it looks great and works great. I have also encoded Script files directly into the page area on the Admin Dashboards. And am

Currently working on Customizing the Dashboard in the CP. This is also working out great. I think as I go along, the more I find out about areas of phpvms,

The more ideas are funneling in, lol , go figure. On a short note, The Award system is easily implemented via any and or ALL HTML programming scripts.

The Award systems in PhPvMs is very powerful, and by default can be very very universal if you can get around a little programming.

Our official opening date is Jan.4th., 2016, LOL, go figure again, we are at this moment open due to popular demand, but Please all Simmers, feel free to

Check out all of our Linked and Hooked PhPvMs Active Sites. One leads to the other of course. I will list the links below for you to view the Award defaults and what I've done with them graphic wise. Its all about FTP. FileZilla is the best for this in my opinion. Bottom line, plugins can be related to any of Our Sites, very

Easily, and quickly. I would be more then Honored to help anyone out with this, I'm a Disabled Retired Fighter Pilot USMC , Col., from the Nam error, so I've got all the time in the world, and Enjoy helping out fellow simmers. Post, email me, on anything , and we all can have the best Phpvms sites on the globe.

Here is our links, PLEASE do remember, I am still finishing up with all of these sites, they are not complete yet, but 80% there. Thanks guys, and

See in duh Air !!

"Jungle" Jim L. CEO Heritage VA.

Email me anytime for those who need some help at;





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41 minutes ago, VIELMA16 said:

Download link broken. Where can i download this.


Thank you!


Chances are no one has this or knows where to download it from -- the last post in this thread was over 2 years ago. And all other posts in this thread are more than 3 1/2 years old. 

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7 hours ago, ProAvia said:


Es probable que nadie tenga esto o sepa dónde descargarlo: la última publicación de este hilo fue hace más de 2 años. Y todas las otras publicaciones en este hilo tienen más de 3 años y medio. 

Thank you ProAvia!

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