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TOPPilot beta 1.0 phpVMS module to extract monthly flight statistics for individual pilots from your phpVMS based virtual airline. Developed by: simpilot www.simpilotgroup.com Developed on: phpV

Hi Simpilot, thank you again for your outstanding work. This module is the dogs wotsits! I have just finished styling the page up on my site, and I am well pleased with the end result. The module real

You need to do some reading up on CSS to be able to apply styles to the tables. Once you get the basics sussed out in your mind, it's pretty easy to use CSS to good effect. The page is made up of tabl

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Tried to Install module, all files were placed where instructed.

Table was installed using phpmyadmin and holds correct data (see attached image 'table')

However nothing is seen on website, page is blank with no data (see attached image 'page')

You'll notice it is the same problem as the post above

Anyone know why?

Thanks Thomas

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Not sure if anyone hops on here anymore but I can not get the table to populate for my life. My beta website has it working just fine but my main one just will not run it.

My website link: Click Here

Have the latest version from your Github, have both .tpl and .php files in there just in case, and have made sure all of the .php files reflect the correct table prefix fix as we use a different prefix...

Any ideas?

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I just tried to refresh them using - http://wnvirtual.org...esh_pilot_stats

They did not update like you said but there was also no error thrown, unless you have all error reports turned off. What differences are there between the two sites? Are pilot ids and such all the same?

Weird... It works great on the other side! I don't have error reports off as far as I know, and the only differences is that the beta website runs with the prefix of "beta" while my main one is different. Same setups, and haven't had problems with anything else installing as long as I change the prefix myself! Shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I use 3 digit ID's on the main, and 4 digit on the beta, right?

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The stats for the Top Pilot module on our site stopped updating , I was making the recomended changes for VA central , that bit seems to have gone off ok. However the host also moved from php 5.3 to 5.4

No major errors or breakage so far , the following two are the main issues :

  1. Duplicate/Multiple pireps started getting reported ( Even after implementing the recommended edits for Centraldata/VA central)
  2. Top Pilot stats froze post 5.4 change (or so it seems), had stuck to 5.3 so far , nothing was broken so didnt attempt to fix.

Any help/info/suggestion would be great. airindiavirtual.net


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My guess would be that when you are approving a PIREP the top pilot script is causing an error due to the PHP upgrade and stopping the process or at least not allowing it to get to the point of marking the PIREP approved or exported.

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Ah thanks David firstly for your great work !

your scripts have made all the difference to make ours an successful enough VA (No 19 on VAcentral when I last checked)

I neglected to mention ...we're using the auto-pirep acceptance . Any suggestion David ? as to which file/s I should be looking at ? or any other recommendation ? laymans knowledge here though...

Deepan Mehta

Edit / P.S. ... Is it fine by you if we use the simpilotgroup banner on our partners list ?

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I know this question has been asked several time, it has been interrupted so many times by other questions, that making heads or tells has been impossible for my limited phpvms experience. I am going to answer as much as I can to give you the most complete picture of what I have now.

The Issue at Hand:

I installed the module. The Current Month Data and Previous Month Data does not populate.

1. I have 224 pireps since January 2016.

2. I have added the database by importing the top_flights.sql file, and table structure looks just like your 10 lines of code does. So I think it came in correctly.

3. When I run a search I get => MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0002 sec) - Gives a clue something is wrong, but I don't know what that would be.

4. Next Box states: SELECT*

FROM 'phpvms_top-flights

LIMIT 0,30

5. I have run the refresh multiple times, but nothing changes.

So what do I need to do to get it to work? Everything is installed in the folders as stated, and it is returning All Time Top Pilots, but no current month or previous month data.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I wonder if there are special items in this Toppilot, because I noticed that I am missing hours of the present month,

Example: I did about 9 trips about half an hour each.

Some a bit shorter, others a bit longer.

I would expect to have 4 hours noted. But the system tells me 3. It even stays 3, after flying 2 trips of 35 minutes.

Is there another factor playing, like landing rate? I had 2 trips with a pretty high landing rate +/- 700.

Greetings RobB

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