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    Hello all i was woundering what are your hobby's outside the flightsim world. mine is keeping snakes i currently have 2 young Boa constrictors. when they are old enouph they will be bred and then i will get myself some more constrictors
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    Hi, I have build a Computer with great specs which can be seen below. My problem is that I get constant lag with a $1000 computer and it makes no sense. Running on Ultra High give me around 5-10 fps its stupid please help! Intel 3rd Generation Core i7-3770K CPU (4 x 3.50GHz, Ivy Bridge, Socket 1155, 8Mb L3 Cache, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0) 8GB Ram GTX 660 2GB
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    can i use PHPVMS as a CMS platform for things other than flight sim?
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    Hello i have a problem that has been bugging me for a long and while flying on VATSIM. I have been unable to use VOICE on my laptop in FSX. It starting to really bug me now, because its not realistic to use text only and makes it hard for the controller. Basically i can transmit audio but i cannot hear it, this also applies to other programs too not only FSX, lets say i want to skype with someone and watch a YouTube video, nope i cant do that. So to put simply i cannot multitask with audio between two different programs. This is really really starting to annoy me now as i have been deal with this for months and months, please help.
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    Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 (9M-MRD) crashes over Ukraine near the Russian border. Link: http://www.cityam.com/1405610991/malaysian-airlines-passenger-plane-crashes-over-eastern-ukraine Video: A dark year for Malaysian Airlines..
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    Hi all, Sounds to me things are getting a bit out of hand with people being either rude, or impatient. Just a reminder: If you bump your posts - once, after 24 hours. Don't be rude - it doesn't get your anywhere No fighting, bullying, begging or arguing - you get two warnings - no third. You get banned Don't be a child. This is a completely volunteer project. I'm extremely great full to all the mods and everyone who has been here helping out and keeping this project alive and kicking - even after 3 years. I haven't seen another project with this much loyalty. I thank all of you, really.
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    I'm pleased to announce the VRTS - Virtual Remote Training System: the most complete VA training system to date! The Virtual Remote Training System, or VRTS, is a complete training system built especially for virtual airlines. The VRTS runs separately from the main website, but is heavily linked to it. It uses the VA's user accounts and trainees won't even notice that the VRTS is a separate system. Currently the VRTS is compatible with the IPS CMS or phpVMS. The main feature of the VRTS is the VRTS Live system which allows trainers to track their trainee’s aircraft live via their browsers; they can see the position of the aircraft on a map, along with the positions of the tuned VORs and NDBs, the instruments of the pilot and other data. Other features: - VRTS Live - Review training sessions in 3D in Google Earth; - Advanced course managing; - Theoretical examination system; - Smooth VA website integration; - Training documents system; - Both pilot and ATC courses are supported; - Notification system. Visit our website for more information, pricing and contact information! Jasper Bussemaker http://www.integratedpirepsystem.com/ http://www.jbussemaker.com/
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    Trying to source some payware paints for my A330. There are so many models and a few are quite inaccurate looking, like Wilco. I'd like to know what models everyone offers repaints for (A330 only).
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    I'd like to setup a chat server so our pilots can talk to each other. Can anyone guide me on how to learn more about this. Two criteria. #1 it has to be free #2 I'd like to be able to integrate it somehow with phpVMS Thanks
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    I logged into cPanel the other day and noticed there was the option to change theme that wasn't there before. So, naturally curious, I tried it, only for it to result in this: Invalid license Main IP Address: CPanel Version: RVskin Version: Note: Server administrator can run perl /root/rvadmin/convert_theme.pl to switch users to other skin such as X skin while waiting for the resolution. - This happens every time I try to access it now.
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    Hello, Are there any plans to create tutorials for the tutorials page on the phpvms.net website? If not, I would be more than willing to start a video tutorial series for phpVMS! I wouldn't mind help from others if you so would want to!
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    As I look throughout more and more virtual airlines, I notice the URL to contain a somewhat confusing string 'index.php' for some users. For example, one can access a module by typing out virtualairline.com/index.php/schedules. This small script removes the index.php and allows you to directly access that part of the website by typing in virtualairline.com/schedules instead. Open up file manager, and be sure to checkmark the box 'Show hidden files' on the root selector that pops up in cpanel. Browse to your Virtual airline root folder(Where phpvms is installed) Open up the .htaccess file Copy/Paste the following code RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule .* index.php/$0 [PT,L]
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    I am sorry but this is doomed to fail already. Stop creating VA's you have no interest in running. You are making a mockery out of this hobby. The whole point of a VA is to simulate the operations of an airline, even if you run a fictional VA. Letting people fly with speed up time, if in excess which by the sounds of it, you will allow, is just boring. Also what aircraft are you allowing people to fly? Sounds like you will have every aircraft under the sun and then some. The web site colors, are just hideous. Dont use a subdomain of your "company" as it doesn't work. Don't just open a VA after just 5 mins of thinking of it. The more VA's you open, the worse your reputation becomes, and it is already poor from your first attempt. This will just make it worse. You won't get any pilots joining simple as that.
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    I know, what do you think of the Quality?
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    Rules and Regulations v1.1 You can add rules categories and add new rules to these categories. After that you may remove the Registration for from the public and just redirect your users to this page. The user has to accept the rules in order to proceed with his registration on your virtual airline. This module was developed by php-mods and it is registered under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. How to Install? Copy and upload the files same as the structure as your phpvms files. Run R&RInstallSql - this is going to install the database tables. Delete R&RInstallSql folder. (IMPORTANT) If you want to link your website's visitors/users to this module, use this: www.yoursite.com/index.php/scenery -or- <?php echo url('/ruleregs'); ?> Screenshots Rules Category Administration: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/1.jpg Rules Administration: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/2.jpg Module's public page for those who are not logged in: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/4.jpg Module's public page for those who are logged in: http://php-mods.eu/m.../ruleregs/3.jpg Download The module has been uploaded on github and you can download it here. Support will be offered by this forum. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Any developers here using the Envato Market? Never used it in the past until now, awaiting my first upload review. Was familiar with ThemeForest and CodeCanyon but had never actually used them. I've seen a few people using products from the likes of CodeCanyon for CSS dashboards etc.
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    Does Nabeel tell us the story of phpVMS? How it came about? Who helped work? How tournou become so popular? Currently many airlines use this wonderful system? PS.: If there is any question that they find interesting and wish to comment below. I hope he answers us.
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    HI All, I have problem described as here http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?248955-Smoke-problem Before I jump to install FSX somewhere to get this file back, is there anyone able to send me this file to save me a lot of troubles? Thanks in advance! Best regards, Edwin
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    Did anyone try out the new AMD driver with Mantle support and FSX? I myself just had to rebuild FSX completely due to a Microsoft update which crashed up my whole AMD driver and in the end rebuilding my computer, so I'm a bit reluctant to try myself..
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    No i see the same as you haha, avsim image
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    freshJet Mobile is the new, fast and efficient way to access all of your essential information at your fingertips. m.freshjetvirtual.com
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    Nice to see you using a nulled or a pirated WHMCS... I have ran your URL (intelhost.co.uk) via http://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php And guess what, we have a winner that (intelhost.co.uk) is not authorized to use WHCMS Proof of screenshot...
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    Joeri, You can be as straight forward as you would like to. I am pointing out that as a "leader" on these forums you should behave as such. If you have an issue with my pricing contact me directly with that problem and I would be happy to explain and or adjust based on the debate. I have come here to advertise my services that are available to the public and the prices for such services. Thank you.
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    Remember the time you copied Stuarts airport module idea?
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    Do this then, <table> <?php $results = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); if (count($results) > 0) { foreach($results as $flight) { if($flight->client == 'FSACARS') {$plane = OperationsData::getAircraftInfo($flight->aircraft);} else {$plane = OperationsData::getAircraftByReg($flight->aircraft);} ?> <tr> <td align="center"> <?php if($flight->phasedetail == "Boarding") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Taxiing to Runway") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/ONAPPROCH.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Taking Off") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Climbing") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Cruise") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/ONAPPROCH.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Arrived") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/ARRIVED.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Descending") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Level Flight") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "On Approach") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/ONAPPROCH.gif'>"; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Taxiing to Gate") { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/images/Boarding1.gif'>"; } else { echo "<img style='padding-left:3px;' src='http://www.vpia.org/VirtualPIA/lib/skins/brilliancev1/images/ARRIVED.gif'>"; } ?> </td> <td align="center"><?php echo $flight->flightnum;?></td> <td align="center"><?php echo $flight->depname;?></td> <td align="center"><?php echo $flight->arrname;?></td> <td align="center"><?php echo $flight->pilotname;?></td> <td align="center"><?php echo $plane->fullname;?></td> <td align="center"><?php echo $flight->phasedetail; ?></td> </tr> <?php } } else { ?> <tr><td width="20%" align="center" colspan="6" style="padding: 5px; font-size: 13px; font-weight: bold; color: #ff961e;">No Flights in Progress!</td></tr> <?php } ?> </table>
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    Promote it wherever you talk about flight sim! I want phpVMS to be the best VA tool out there!Just link back to http://www.phpvms.netThanks!
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    For phpVMS in general and getting the site back online. I hadn't been online in a few days and when I saw the error when trying to access the pphpvms.net site and the forums, I immediately was worried that it might not come back at all for some reason. I would just like to know as a community how we should or can help with phpVMS being around for a long time and the site too? I know some people come and go (with flight simulation in general) as thing's change in life, me being one of them, but like the fact that I have FSX or X-Plane ready to reload at any time, and enjoy very much phpVMS and would like to see it around for a very long time. If I knew anything worth while about coding in php I would love to help keep it relevant (like some members here do) for years to come. Unfortunately, I do not at this time. But hey I didn't know anything about HTML and CSS until phpVMS got me interested. I am just saying if I needed to help with manuals, or anything I am capable of to help keep phpVMS going I would be more than happy too. If it is allowed or possible for this community to get together to either update the software more (I know members already do this) , or update it with new features and such? I know you have a new Terms Of Service, and am assuming that this could be done, but was just checking. Thanks again Nabeel and all the coding members, moderators, community, etc.... that keep phpVMS going.
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    Hi All, I have designed a virtual airline search engine all i need is some va's to put in it and then i'll provide the link. If you guys could pm me the following information Site Name, Site Link, Site Description, Site Keywords (These are the words which will show your site). Thanks Guys, Jordan. NOTE: Please put each keyword on a new line instead of separating with commas.
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    I can't even describe the number of things you did wrong, so I won't even try. Looks like a 15 minute job, from the site, to the content (check your spelling, grammar, etc.), domain and everything. If you didn't put any time into it, why would pilots invest their time in flying? Also, aren't you already running a VA? What happened to that? In stead of working on that one, why start a new VA? Some food for thought.
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    And here is the latest to be completed and my second real-world livery;
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    This System is no longer in development. It is exclusive to only the virtual airlines already operating this system. Hello Guys, I recently finished coding a Dynamic Inflight Entertainment System, and since the current results are outstanding, I would like to share with you guys more information about this module, I am planning to start distributing soon. I named it DYNIFE. DYNIFE refers to Dynamic Inflight Entertainment System. This system is an inflight entertainment, but not like the others. PM if anyone is interested, I can give you alot more information including access to the demo.
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    Not to judge here, I'm wondering why did you buy those domains and not used them?
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    Why are you all so bloody negative? Let the guy peddle his product. If that business model works for him, then why not? Buyers will vote with their purse strings after all; just because you don't agree with it doesn't make it a poor product.
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    WOW! Just WOW! You have done an awesome job on the site James! Good Luck and hope for success!
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    I am a little late to this post and I REALLY hate to necropost, but I have to. Never use free hosting with phpVMS. It has never worked good in the past and creates a firestorm of support requests and the end result is usually someone saying, "phpVMS does not work with free hosting". So you end right back up at square 1. There are plenty of hosts out there that offer smaller packages that you can pay once per year or however they may be. I would say if someone cannot afford 35 or 40 $ a year to host a website, well ....... You might need to rethink your plans. Remember, most people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan. Take care!
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    This one is a module for your pilots to directly search for their routes from your website rather than going to the actual website. Don't worry I checked that website and it's free to use. Install: 1. Unzip the folder anywhere you want. 2. Upload in the order of folders. 3. make a link to the module like this <?php echo url('/rfinder') ;?>. 4. Enjoy. Screenshot: Download at Github: Github.com/parkho
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    where do you want to display it in the pirep view ? This is the code to display it in pirep_viewreport.tpl What i have done is convert the negative numbers into positives and then put it against the if <?php if(abs($pirep->landingrate) <= 450) echo 'Greased Landing'; elseif( abs($pirep->landingrate) >=451 && abs($pirep->landingrate) <= 600) echo 'Good Landing'; elseif( abs($pirep->landingrate) >=601 && abs($pirep->landingrate) <= 800) echo 'Not so good Landing'; elseif( abs($pirep->landingrate) >=801 && abs($pirep->landingrate) <= 5000) echo 'Well done you just crashed the airplane'; ?>
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    "Madrid - Barajas" now is named "Adolfo Suárez, Madrid-Barajas", following the example of JFK with a president name's.
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    actually it MUST be wrong cause the database has absolutely nothing to do with the "look of the website"
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    I went to send my schedules to vacentral, but it spat back an error but said nothing of what the error was. What does that mean???
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    Id like to point out that yes it is nulled. Sava did not need to point it out. It was not necessary. However id like to point out that it was my choice. I dont see what Sava said as constructive criticism, but rather negative criticism that is unnecessary.
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    Its coming soon, called Diamond Flux both lite and pro version.
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    Why do I think that is not true?
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    Excuse me? That is just plain rude, have you seen any other system be able to do what Kacars does?, and i bet your not even a programmer so don't start a hate thread okay? I personally haven't seen any other system preform as well a Kacars does, if you have then why don't you just go buy it from them, if your gonna start saying Jeff's Acars system is horrible. We really don't need more drama here.
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    Why would he even show proof since he has other two Virgin Virtual open and never has been closed down, that shows enough proof he has permissions?
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    Or get it for free with cloudflare, who specialise in this service... cough cough.
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    Ok thanks for the heads up itrobb, I assume however if he has created it for his own use then maybe some others may be interested in me making it for public domain use?
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    I back up Nathan's claim. The guy who runs fspremier said he would send me some mock ups "in a few days" well im here 4 weeks later and with no mock ups and still no liveries! If this is the service I can expect with this company I would prefer not to use them at all. Good thing I never actually bought anything yet...
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    If the "bot" can get past the recaptcha, then it is not a bot, it is a human, but he is spamming your VA.
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